Our Forever

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Beginning for her as a fan and for him as an acquaintance, Kyle Perry & Kirsten Barrett began their relationship on Facebook, not knowing where their friendship would lead or what plans God had for them.

After two and a half months of online messaging, Kyle began seeing the possibility that his friendship might be “more than a friendship”; after her sister “leaked” pictures of her on her photography Facebook and him seeing her for the first time, he was blown away by her beauty, inside and out.

It wasn’t soon after he would call her mom and dad and get approval to begin conversations with this girl of mystery, who never posted a profile picture, just a silhouette of her arms stretched out after sunset.

When after discussing with his parents the shocking possibility that someone he had never met in person could be his future wife, (all 3 of them had been going through a marriage teaching given by a friend at the time), Kyle began a series of borderline testing the relationship to see if there was compatibility and similar goals, dreams and passions.

These tests would include, a two month absence of contact, a 5 hour phone and Skype call, and afterwards questions over Skype to Kirsten to reach her heart on issues that mattered enough to him to write down and ask from his heart to hers.

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When finally meeting in person, it was obvious the connection and the friendship seemed to just click.  They couldn’t seem to stop talking (until 2am) and getting enough of each other’s company.  It was if they had known each other for years and was just catching up on all they had missed in each other’s lives.  It was kind of obvious to everyone around them and to each other that this would go further.


Which it did.


After a first proposal and a breakup due to an illness, Kyle asked Kirsten to marry him on April 1st (of all dates!), 2017 and she happily chose a yes to that question.


Kyle currently works at the Ark Encounter as a housekeeper and Kirsten works at the Bulk Herb Store in Tennessee as customer support.   They plan to be Betrothed in August and Plan to separate until they meet again in Virginia at the Wedding Festival they have planned for October.


Kyle & Kirsten plan to live in Tennessee after Marriage but is open to wherever the LORD wants to take them.  They hope to continue dancing, learn Hebrew as a family & have as many children as the LORD wills.