Dear friends,

We are so excited to be entering into this new season of life! Because we resonate with and love the ancient traditions of the Hebrew people, we’re hoping to bring some of that flavor into our wedding. In addition to that, we both highly appreciate original ideas and creativity which will also be reflected in our event!

As you can imagine, merging ancient eastern traditions with modern western ones can be an exciting challenge. If we were to do things “properly” according to the ancient/eastern way, we would have gotten legally married instead of engaged. Then, we would have separated while we prepared a home, a wedding, and ourselves for marriage.

At some point unbeknownst to either of us ahead of time, Kyle’s Dad would bless him to go get his bride. At that, an announcement would be made that the bridegroom was coming and all the guests and Kirsten, the bride, would get everything ready for the wedding that very day (or night).

Taking into account that to many of our guests, this style would be foreign, we’ve come up with what we believe is an excellent merging of two worlds. So, with our TN friends, we’re so excited to celebrate our marriage with a more “modern/western” style wedding as our Betrothal/engagement/legal marriage. Then this Fall, we’ll be camping on our friends beautiful property at their annual campout. There, we will wait for the surprise announcement that the bridegroom is coming and Kyle will come get his bride.

We’ll have a feast with our guests and leave for our honeymoon. Everyone is welcome to either or both events. We’ll have (Kosher) potlucks at both so that anyone can come without fear of food shortage. We believe that weddings are spiritual, community events and that they should include wine, dancing, and laughter. So expect excitement, celebration, and rejoicing. Don’t expect an uptight, somber, unnatural atmosphere. We hope you can join us!

With all our love,


Kirsten and Kyle

P.S.  You Can RSVP by clicking here


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